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Background - Signal Jammers Intelligence System in Malaysia

Mentari Setia Sdn. Bhd. (MSSB) stands as a pinnacle of innovation and security prowess, marrying cutting-edge technology with the imperatives of modern defense, Surveillance, and Healthcare. From pioneering solutions like Bomb Jammers ,Military Devices , Law Enforcement Intelligence devices to sophisticated software with Military Standard, we lead the charge in safeguarding critical operations and empowering medical institutions. With over 35 years of collective experience, we’re not just about the past; we’re forging ahead, constantly evolving through immersive training and global outreach. MSSB’s commitment to excellence knows no bounds, resonating both locally and internationally, as we serve with distinction in law enforcement and military sectors worldwide.

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Specialize In - not just Signal Jammers!

Specialize our services and supply for the needs of military/ police, law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies, correctional facilities & public safety services

Repair and Refit Profile

Obsolescence and repair services for circuit board, LRUs and PCB. Research and development activity on its own and in-cooperation with other companies and scientific institutes, designing and manufacturing of tooling for all types processing applied in the company. Metal press and mechanical metal processing, including bending and laser cut. Die-casting of aluminum and zinc alloys, pressing and injection molding of Bakelite, plastics and rubber, galvanic coating and lacquering, design and manufacturing of ferrite, peizo-ceramic and steatite ceramic parts, assembly and manufacturing of electronic units and products with conventional and SMD assembly. Reliving missiles and torpedos.

Programs & Products


We offer electronics repair training.

Electronic Equipment which has no more OEM support.

We can produce new operating manual.

We can produce new preventive maintenance manual.

New Electronic Equipment ( If PCB diagram is not provided).

We can produce PCB diagram.

Standard Exchange

We can manufacture extra PCB for user. After replace with good PCB, the damage PCB send back to us to repair.


APC 8×8.

APC 4×4

CBRN Vehicle + Detector & Indentifier.

Jammer Vehicle.
High Mobility Field Ambulance

Post Blast Bomb Respond Vehicle

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit (EOD)

Jammers In 4×4 Vehicle For VVIP Convoy

Refuse Compact

Cbrn Detectors In 8×8,4×4& 6x6v

Counter Surveillance

Air Conditioning + Filter For APC 4×4,6×6 & 8×8.

RCEID Jammer


Field Telephone Set

Surveillance And Target Acquisition Radar

VHF FM Man Pack Radio’s

Launchers For Anti Air Craft Missile Strela-2m Strela-3 And Igla -1.122,130,152,

Mobile And Portable Radio jammers For Protection Against Improvised Remote Controled Explosives Devices.

Scaners For Narcotis And Explosives .(Dectector)

Undervehicle Surveillance System.

Mobile Phone and Computer Forensic

Intelligence Equipments and Devices for Intelligence Agencies