products catalog of equipment on this page had been provided by Mentari Setia Sdn Bhd to its customers. We provides the best state of the art product catalog equipment for preventing data or network snooping from unknown parties or individuals, surveillance equipment, CBRN masks to assets services and maintenance, such as ships and aircraft.

RF jammer is used for RF signal jamming. The types of RF signal jammer techniques, mobile jammer block diagram and RF jammer manufacturers are mentioned.

Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense (CBRN defense or CBRNE defense) are protective measures taken in situations in which chemicalbiologicalradiological or nuclear warfare (including terrorism) hazards may be present. CBRN defense consists of CBRN passive protection, contamination avoidance and CBRN mitigation.

We don’t like to admit it but snoops, spies, and stalkers are in our neighborhoods, schools and places of business. When you suspect you are being followed, stalked or watched it’s time to invest in counter surveillance. Find out if the handyman bugged your house with a hidden camera or if the oil change mechanic is tracking your child’s car. Our counter measure devices will sweep for spy gadgets, bugs, gps trackers, hidden cameras and audio/video surveillance devices.

Our products catalog equipment are guaranteed from manufacturers who are the best in the industry. Most of our defense and military grade products and equipment are certified NATO standard. We believed in providing the best products for our customers due to the critical and sensitive attributes of our industry.

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Floatation and Bullet
CBRN Protection Gears
Surveillance and
Target Acquisition Radar
Oxyhydrogen Generator,
Disaster Management System
Manpad Launchers

products catalog equipment
Artillery Jammers

Drone Jammer
Mobile EOD Robot
EOD Disruptor System
Room Cell Jammer
Room Cell Phone Jammer
products catalog equipment
Land Vehicle