122,130,152 MM Artillery Bearers Carried Single Use HF and VHF Radio Jammers

The artillery radio jammers single use are intended to create active jamming in within the frequency range from 1.5 to 120 MHz. The frequency range covers all tactical military HF and VHF radios. The frequency range covered by 8 pieces of the product. Each creates jamming in a different frequency band with determined frequency bandwidth which overlap.

Artillery Radio Jammer

The jamming is done by means of artillery shells with caliber 122 mm, 130 mm, 152 mm and 155 mm. Samel-90 also develops possibility for using of the cargo mine with 120 mm caliber as carrier of the radio jammer.

The main composition of the product is the following:

  • Cargo shell with different caliber
  • Built-in in the cargo shell radio jammer
  • Cartridge case with a charge
  • Time fuze – determines the time of shell flight before dividing between the shell and the radio jammer

Before firing of the cargo shell with built in radio jammer the following is done:

The commander who depends on radio electronic intelligences for radio electronic counteraction chooses which frequency bandwidth jammers to be fired into the target; If there are no data from the intelligence, the commander make the decision to fire shells containing radio jammers for all frequency ranges. The firing of the cargo shell with integrated radio jammer is done as the shooting with ordinary HE (High Explosive) or other cargo shells. Data for parameters of the firing are contained in shooting tables, which are available to the artillery units.

Before firing, the time fuze is set with the definite time for flight of the shell to the area, in which the separation of the radio jammer from the housing of the shell will be performed. Time for separation of the radio jammer depends on the distance to which the shooting is done (the distance between the gun and enemy disposal area).

During the shot the time fuze is activated and the time for separation is run. After separation during the flight of the cargo shell, by influence of the air stream, the parachute system of the radio jammer is opened. By its influence, the product decreases its speed, stabilizes its flight and is stacked into the ground. At hit into the ground, the switch that contributes drawing out of the antenna and switching ON of the jammer starts to operate. Its switching OFF is automatic after expiry of the time assigned during the production (normally 60 minutes). For the operating time the product jams all types of radios in the respective frequency ranges.

Product has been patented in Bulgaria, Europe and some other counties.