Application of the Mask

The CM-6(CM-6M) protective mask together with suitable a filter or breathing apparatus protects user’s face, eyes and breathing organs againstchemicalsbiologicalradiological and nuclear(CBRN) agents in form of gases, vapours and solid or liquid aerosals.

Key Benefits of the CM-6 Mask

  • Oustanding resistance of all kinds of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agents, industrial toxic gases, riot control gases etc.
  • High user comfort
  • Easy donning and doffing
  • Large field of vision
  • The air-flow inside the mask protects the visor against misting
  • Application of corrective spectacles
  • easy decontimination and disinfection
  • Easy drinking (CM-6M)

CM-6 protective Mask

Sweet drainage through the exhalation chamber
Compatibility with helmets and breathing apparatuses
High quality speech diaphragm enables easy communication with or without using
communication devices