Computer Forensic


A cyber security incident can be in the form of an intrusion from the outside or from a disgruntled employee stealing your trade secrets inside your network. The problem facing management is how to determine where the data went, who is responsible and how to mitigate further risks and loss.

In order to effectively combat incidents in today’s electronically interconnected world, a company must be able to move seamlessly among many technology platforms like employee laptop, desktop, mobile phone and social media.

When an employee exits a company, it is essential to identify and preserve critical information that the employee possessed before it is lost forever, and to ensure that no sensitive data walked out of the door with the former employee.

Mentari Setia Sdn Bhd (MSSB) provides extensive expertise in all areas of cyber security, technology, high-tech digital investigations and litigation support. Our experts at MSSB can provide immediate cyber security incident response and expert analysis to any crisis or situation facing corporations today. From internal or external theft of proprietary corporate information, to pro-actively conducting internal audits of a company network systems.


Cyber intruders are continuously refining their methods to outwit your security. Cyber threats against small medium enterprise & multinational corporation are continuing to grow more powerful and sophisticated.

In order to effectively detect and investigate security incidents, such as advanced persistent threats, zero day attacks, sophisticated malware and data leakage, organizations must employ forensic analysis. Detecting unknown threats and understanding the root cause of an incident is impossible without forensic visibility into all that is happening across your enterprise.

Because computer security incidents can occur at any time, our digital forensic professionals are available to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to any user, company or government organization. We collect and analyze data from computers, networks and mobile devices, utilizing proven law enforcement evidence handling procedures, preserving the data for preparation of litigation in court of law.

MSSB has a successful proven track record with assisting clients in responding to cyber security incidents. Our investigators at MSSB have experience with assisting clients in remediating cyber security threats, getting them back on track while preventing similar incidents from occurring again.

Greatest Cyber Security Challenges:

  • Data Leakage and Theft
  • Regulatory Compliance (PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX and more)
  • Malicious Insiders
  • Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Zero-day Exploits
  • Sophisticated Malware
  • Enforcing Usage Policies
  • Continuous Monitoring including:

  1. Removable Media
  2. Laptops that aren’t logged into your network


It is hard to deny the booming popularity of social networking sites, the type of sites that facilitate a high degree of user personalization, and user intercommunication.

These site are huge, Facebook has more than 900 million active users. Twitter has more than 300 million users posting more than 100 million tweets a day.

There’s a huge amount of information about users personal life’s being posted every day. People frequently post information about the more mundane aspects of their lives that they would probably not share with someone during verbal conversation.

Additionally, users may share their status, news stories, notes, photos, videos, and allow their friends or friends of friends to comment on them. Some individuals even use these platforms to post evidence or intent of criminal activity. This information can be very valuable to forensic investigators.