The experts at Mentari Setia are trained to provide clients with proactive and reactive digital forensic services when the industry calls for help or there is an internal crisis. To better our clients’ safety within the digital and technology environment, Mentari Setia has developed Proactive Security Consulting Services. Our services will help you manage and mitigate corporate digital risk before an issue arises.

IT Security Consultation in details:

As more information are becoming digital. IT security becomes more critical in the day to day operation of the business. IT Security includes confidentiality, integrity and availability.


Prevent the disclosure of information to unauthorized individuals or systems. It can be achieve by encryption, limit the place which it will appear and restricting access by unauthorized personnel.


Ensure data are not modified by unauthorized personnel. To ensure data integrity, file need to be checked against the checksum stored.


Ensure the data are available when needed. Preventing service disruptions due to power outages, hardware failures, and preventing denial-of-service attacks.

Assessment and Advisory Services

  • Wireless Security Assessment
  • Internal Infrastructure Security
  • External Infrastructure Security
  • Web Application Security
  • Policy Review
  • Remote access
  • Stolen/lost device Assessment

Structure of Consultation

Phase 1 – Pre Assessment

Before the start of the Assessment. Our specialist will go through with the project-in-charge in the company for the assessment type, duration and the possible effect during the assessment. Business will be as usual for the rest of the staff. Only higher management will be notified of the assessment. This is to ensure that result will capture the current security status in the company.

Phase 2 – Assessment

Once the agreement on the assessment type, duration has being confirmed, the assessment will start. Depend on the type of assessment needed, the duration may take days or weeks. Regular update on the assessment will also be provided upon request. Information capture throughout the assessment will be kept in a secure location. This ensures that no sensitive information are leaked.

Phase 3 – Post Assessment/Report

After the assessment is complete, our specialist will analysis all the information gathered and remove any false positive. All threats will be listed in the report and rated according the risk and probability. After the report is completed, it will be presented to management. Discussion on the security lapse and how it can be prevented will be done before closing of the project.