Mobile Forensics, is a form of science concerned with the systematic examination of mobile phone handsets and all attached media, such as SIM cards and memory storage cards.

It is similar to Computer Forensics in that a wide variety of data can be retrieved, including messages, incoming, outgoing, missed calls, images, video, audio, Email, instant-messaging and etc.
A mobile phone can potentially contain a large amount of information related to the user’s actions, determined by their communication patterns; information acquired from mobile phones is increasingly required as evidence in criminal investigations.

IOS and Platforms:

Mobile Forensics Evidence

  1. Model, IMEI, SIM S/N. , PIN
  2. Messages (SMS, MMS, WhatsApp or other messaging apps)
  3. Last numbers dialed
  4. Last numbers received
  5. Missed calls
  6. Phone book contact numbers
  7. Time & Date of last numbers dialed
  8. Time & Date of last numbers received
  9. Internet browser history
  10. Task list, notes
  11. Calendars
  12. Audio clips
  13. Voice memos
  14. Emails
  15. Word documents
  16. FAX
  17. Personal information management
  18. Video clips
  19. MAPS
  20. GPS
  21. Application
  22. Service profiles
Advanced capabilities for:


Bypassing simple and complex passcode while performing physical and file system extraction on selected devices running iOS 3.0 or higher including iOS 6.

al-time decryption and decoding of data, applications, and keychain real-time decryption while revealing user passwords. Advanced decoding of applications


Advanced decoding of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), emails, locations, applications and more
Real-time decryption of protected content from selected BlackBerry devices running OS 4+ using a given password


Advanced decoding of all physical extractions performed on devices running any Android versions
Advanced decoding of applications and application files


Portable GPS devices extraction and decoding
Exclusive – Physical extraction of Tom Tom trip-log files

Deleted Data

Mentari Setia is the Singapore’s leading specialist in the recovery of deleted data from handset and SIM card memory. We are able to recover any form of deleted user data from all makes of handset including phonebook entries, call logs, text messages, pictures and videos etc.
Our highly experienced security cleared team are happy to discuss any requirements in relation to a specific make and model of phone.

Mentari Setia is EXPERTS at finding LOST, HIDDEN or even DELETED SMS/MMS/Email/photo on any mobile device like iPhone, Samsung, BlackBerry, Nokia and windows mobile.

  • Recover deleted incoming, outgoing, missed call history – SMS/MMS/Email
  • Recover sent & received messaged history
  • Analysis contact information
  • Recover list of assigned speed dials
  • Calendar event, tasks and notes review
  • GPS navigator/ Internet history
  • Instant messaging deleted message recovery (WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Skype)