Video Forensic Analysis / Video Image Investigation is the scientific examination, comparison and/or evaluation of video in legal matters.

  • Reliably digitize video tape footage onto a computer system. (This is commonly done via Non-Linear Editor (NLE) software.)
  • Be able to demultiplex or separate camera views from multiplexed CCTV footage.
  • Convert digital video from DVR (Digital Video Recorder) devices into digital video formats usable for forensic analysis.
  • Perform clarification techniques such as frame averaging.
  • Highlight someone or something of interest in the video.
  • Enlarge portions of the video for areas of interest.
  • Measure heights of individuals or distances between points seen in the video.

What Mentari Setia can offer?

  • Frame Averaging removes video noise, graininess and hidden details.
  • Highlighting/Masking the analyst can highlight an area of video to bring it attention or obscure an area to hide sensitive information.
  • Resizing Video Enlarge (zoom of magnify) footage. Video may also be reduced in size to expose the cropped are, about 10%, that are commonly hidden from view by a typical televisions under scan.
  • Image Stabilization stabilizes unstable or shaky video.
  • Color Correction tools are used to analyze and correct poor lighting and compensate for camera dome filters to recover the accurate colors of the scene.
  • Clarify dark and poor quality security and surveillance footage.
  • Picture-in-Picture displays one moving image within another offering dynamic, side-by-side comparisons, demonstration consistencies between know images and suspect images.
  • Comparative Analysis Reverse Projection and reliable height analysis by superimposing images.
  • Titling or labelling is used to identify and explain video evidence.
  • Timecode AVX allows the Forensic Video Analyst to timestamp security video images to within 1/60th of a second.
  • Locators quickly and easily annotate video evidence.
  • TMetaSunc the Avid Systems provide twenty-four tracks for synchronized metadata, linking any digital investigative asset directly to the video evidence. Assets include word processing documents, spreadsheets, e-mail, digital photos or virtually any digital file can be accessed on a computer.