Audio video jammer are legal to prevent snooping devices. The threat of being spied on by bugging devices planted on your personal spaces have always existed especially among government personnel, corporate executives and head of governments when handling private and sensitive materials. Mentari Setia Sdn Bhd (MSSB) have the solutions for a secure and audio-video jammer bug sweeps spaces. You benefit from a professional’s superior detection capabilities and expertise. Being able to work with someone knowledgeable in counter surveillance can ease your mind. A professional wiretap detection expert who has access to the most advanced, professional grade, counter-surveillance equipment can help you find an eavesdropping device not visible to the naked eye.

audio video jammer
audio video jammer

Why Audio Bug Sweep Services by a MSSB Professional Are Needed

Bugging devices varies from Complex bugging devices to the simplest and least expensive form. In other words, you are expose to any listening devices (and complex audio devices) by anyone. Whether you’re concerned about your cell phone, business line, or your home phone, electronic eavesdropping is becoming more popular and more difficult to detect. A thorough physical and electronic exam can help to detect bugging devices. It may be impossible for someone without years of training and awareness of how these materials are typically used and installed to identify an audio bugging device. It is very difficult for an untrained person to find listening devices specifically because bugs can be extremely small. An eavesdropper will also go to great lengths to hide the device as well as possible. In some situations, an item you do not even believe is a bug could be hidden in plain sight capturing all of your conversations.

Where Most Audio Bug Devices Are Hidden

Bugging devices can easily be hidden in wall clocks, calculators, pens, furniture and other items, and your technology services and electronic devices could also be compromised. The spy shop and over the counter bug detectors sold to the general public cannot discriminate between the different types of electronic devices (illicit or legal), which makes it impossible to determine whether or not your bug detector has located an actual listening device or a normal piece of electronic equipment. Since it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find these eavesdropping devices on your own, make sure you find someone who has the training and experience to identify and locate illegal eavesdropping devices. This is why it is important to contact the skilled experts with the MSSB bug detection team to give you peace of mind and to restore your privacy.